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Foil winding machine

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Foil winding machine

1、 Purpose

Foil winding machine, also known as foil winding machine, is a special equipment for winding foil coil of transformer.

2、 Equipment composition

       2.Feeding device

       5.End insulation discharging rack

       6.Layer insulation
       7.Shearing device

       8.Automatic deviation adjusting mechanism

       9.Burr pressing device  

       11.Automatic welding device
       12.Control cabinet

3、 Main technical parameters of foil winding machine

4、 Technological process

The foil coil is introduced into the cot of the feeding device through the uncoiling device, then passes through the knife edge of the shearing device and the roller of the burr pressing device, and then is wound on the winding die. The interlayer insulating grits frame is installed behind the smooth shaft of the sheath winding and winding, which is cut by the trimming roller and blade and wound on the winding die.

5、 Functional features

1. The device adopts electric servo correction system, manual / automatic adjustment of foil position, more convenient and reliable.

2. The tension of foil and interlayer insulation adopts advanced electric constant tension control technology, which has accurate and convenient tension quantitative control and no mechanical friction. The required tension can be maintained in forward winding, stopping and unwinding to ensure that the coil is tight.

3. Cantilever mechanism is adopted for interlayer insulation, which is convenient for feeding and can be pulled out as a whole. There is no guide rail outside the body.

4. Automatic welding mechanism, rolling shear mechanism, ball screw and linear guide are adopted to ensure the service life and accuracy of the equipment.

5. This equipment takes the lead in adopting integral swing frame, which solves the problems of less coil turns and delayed correction.

6. This equipment is a high-tech product based on the summary of many similar products at home and abroad, combined with the actual production needs. The whole machine adopts advanced PLC touch screen control, with high automation level, simple and reliable operation, which represents the higher production level of domestic foil winding machine.