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Steel Strip Slitting production line

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Steel Strip Slitting production line

1、 Purpose:

The equipment is a special equipment for cutting the rolled steel strip into strips with certain width. It is mainly used for uncoiling, shearing, slitting and winding of silicon steel sheet, and is suitable for plate processing and manufacturing industries such as transformer, motor and transformer.

2、 Functional features:

1. The layout of the whole line is reasonable, and all of them are driven by electric and hydraulic pressure. It is easy to operate and has high production efficiency.

2. The main electronic control components, hydraulic components, PLC and governor are imported high-end products, the whole line speed synchronization, stable and reliable operation of the equipment.

3. The cutter shaft of slitting machine is supported by high precision machine tool spindle bearing, and the axial and radial runout of cutter shaft is small.

4. The cutter head adopts nut three-point positioning and locking mode, with accurate dimension and reliable locking.

3、 Equipment composition (single buffer pit type)

       2.decoiling buffer bridge  
       3.guiding unit

       4.hears for cutting front end materia  
       5.rolling shear unit

       6.trimming edge device  

       7.cover of movable pit and buffering device

       8.Tenses| on tab|e
       9.recoiling buffer bridge   

       11.hydraulic station  
       12.control cabinet 

       13.The main operation platform

       14.perating table

4、 Main technical parameters of Steel Strip Slitting production line: